Sätila of Sweden was founded in 1896 in Sätila, a small village on the countryside a few miles outside Gothenburg, where we are still located today. Since that day we have designed, crafted and delivered knitted garments worldwide. Our story begins with Johannes Nilsson who bought knitting machines in the very late 19th century. The machines were shipped to the factory through steam boat and horse-drawn wagons. A demanding transport but well worth it when everything was in place. It was at this time the true business of industrial knitting manufacturing took place in the town Sätila, for the very first time.

The beanie has been our main product since the 1970s. It was by this time Swedish alpinists began to become superior in the sport, and some of them really did – least to say. Supporters therefore, more and more, started to request their equipment they used, and this was the moment everyone realized that the beanie is a significant piece of clothing. The alpinists original beanies were first knitted by their mothers according to a tradition. But since the request of the beanies was too massive the task had to be passed to someone that could manage the extensive production. It was our honor to take that challenge! It was around the same time our company changed its name to Sätila of Sweden.

A lot has happened since the 1970s. The beanie has become a natural part of our wardrobe and is now available in a range of materials, colors and functions suited to different situations and activities. Even though we are located in the same building since 1896 our knitting factory has developed on the inside and we continue to explore new techniques and ways to produce new beanies. We carry a large assortment, and no matter what beanie you are looking for – we have the perfect one for you.

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