Below you find information regarding our products qualifications.

Our symbol for beanies knitted in reflex and/or high visibility yarns. With this function you’re visible and feel more safe
during daylight or in darkness and you can focus on your exercise. The majority vision beanies do also keep your head warm and dry thanks to even more functions.

Our symbol for beanies knitted for high intensive activity.
When your pulse increases this functional beanies will help transport moisture from the inside to the outside of the beanie which keeps your head dry, warm and comfortable.

Our symbol for beanies knitted for low-puls activity.
Our beanies will keep you both warm and comfortable.

Our symbol for beanies knitted in merino wool. The merino wool is very soft and therefore ideal for producing very thin, flexible garments. We are only using mulesing free merino wool. A garment of merino wool does not need to be washed to remove odors like most other garments, simply ventilate the beanie to keep it fresh. Though, you might have to wash it after a long time of usage since the material makes the beanie lose its form after a while. Wash it according to the washing instructions and the beanie will regain its original form

Our symbol for beanies knitted in organic cotton. We only use organic cotton in our hats due to its superior quality and durability. Cotton is grown in different ways, but organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides and other chemical substances. This results in longer fibers and better durability. All our cotton garments are pre-washed and pressed so they feel softer and more comfortable.

Using recycled cotton is a great way to help reduce the environmental footprint of a fabric. We are very pleased to be able to offer a series of models produced from old jeans that have been recycled and spun into yarn that is then knitted into new products, or in our case – beanies.

We use GORE-Windstopper as a membrane in our Outdoor beanies. A windstopper membrane basically protects the wearer from strong wind but do still breathes and ventilates well. Read more information about the material properties at

Wearing a polycolon fiber produced beanie is very comfortable. We mainly integrate polycolon into the knit of our Outdoor beanies and higher-intensity activity beanies. Polycolon is a polypropylene which absorbs moisture and sweat, transport and removes it from the head and keeps you dry and warm.

Fleece is a polyester material, fluffy and soft, making the inside of the beanie more comfortable.

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