In the knitting factory in Sätila we have been crafting hats, mittens and scarves since 1896. We still knit all our garments here in Sätila, but since several years we have worked with a partner in Poland where the last essential step in the production process is completed into our products. Thereafter all products are carefully controlled before being shipped to retailers or consumers worldwide.

By having an overview and control of all steps in the production chain, from sketch to finished product, we can ensure that our environmental impact is minimalized. If you would like more details about our fundamental sustainability principles, please read our Code of Conduct.

The expertise required to make a good product also depends on the skill of the person operating the knitting machine. Our dedicated knitters have many years of experience in making fine and well-made products. Our goal is that our products should be of high-end quality and correspond to the expectations from our customers.

Having a great focus on sustainability has become an important point for all companies with a focus in fashion today. Sätila constantly works with innovative solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. We are always looking for new durable materials and our collection now consists of more than 50 percent of sustainable and recycled materials. Every season, new sustainable products are added which satisfy our high demands.

Read our Code of Conduct here!


At Sätila we take great pride in our knitted products. A hat from Sätila is always produced with great care, unique knowledge and extensive experience. The people behind the knitting process are one of the key factors in making the perfect hat. Our “knitters”, as we like to call them, have years of experience and are experts in their field. On all our knitted products, you can find a small text telling you who knitted that specific one.
Let us introduce, Mariann, Dennis, Mari, Janne and Lisbeth.

Picture of Mariann


A calm and easy-going person, with a great confidence. She works as a knitter here at Sätila and when her working hours at the factory comes to an end her shift often continues at home, being a part-time farmer. Mariann loves her animals, she has everything from Icelandic Roosters to cheerful dogs at the farm. Her favorite beanie is Märta, nordic patterns in a beautiful design.

Besides farming, Mariann also has a great interest in music and dancing, in particular the genre ”Dansband” which is inspired by swing and country music and is a unique dancing style for Scandinavia.

You might think that Mariann has her hands full, but she and her husband also arrange the yearly, and extremely appreciated, Crayfish-party in their neighborhood. A successful event which gets bigger with new acquaintances every year.

Picture of Dennis


He is a happy, nice and talkative soul who lives in Sätila, close to the factory. He has a great interest in hunting and therefore Rib hat is his favorite beanie, functional for outdoor use. Dennis took his hunting license in 1997 and ever since then he has not just enjoyed the nature but has also dedicated time and effort into making the hunting experience better in the areas around Sätila. If a chair goes missing from the Sätila head office, you can be pretty sure that it has ended up in a hunting tower nearby…

Dennis has worked at Sätila for about 30 years. During that time, he has knitted approximately 2,5 million beanies. That’s really something unique only Dennis can brag about.

Picture of Mari


A happy and energetic person with a unique working position here at Sätila. She basically works with everything that is involved in the production to do. Sometimes she must be supervising the knitting machines and some other time help in the sewing unit. She knows how to do it all!

Mari lives by the countryside but still claims that she lives as by the ocean, how’s that possible? Cleverly, she refers to the large lake Lygnerns beach, that beach has the same conditions as the coast with fresh winds and shallow water.

Besides the work at Sätila, Mari has her own farm-shop next to her home. A cute store with focus on self-and locally produced products, you will be kindly welcomed by Mari and inspired by her uniquely selected products and design of the shop.

Mari’s favorite beanie is Grace with a lovely classic pattern inspired from our beautiful country.

Picture of Janne


A cool and funny fellow who always cycles to work – not even the arctic cold will stop him and his 15 year old Monark. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that his favorite beanie is Fors, probably the one which preforms best in the Arctic.

Janne is also a morning person, being the first person at the Sätila head office every day. You can refer to the old tale “getting woken by the cockerel”. But in Sätila, Janne is the one who awakes all the living things by starting the knitting machines here on the countryside.

At Sätila he is our pattern coder and repairer, the key person between the designer’s idea and finished prototype.

Picture of Lisbeth


She lives just outside Sätila in her home called ”Knottebo”. Lisbeth has many years’ experience in knitting and can with an easy hand repair our machines. Lisbeth´s baking skills is well known especially referred to baking “the best mocha cake in the world”.

Besides the carefully made cakes she’s also a huge motorsports fan. Everything from motocross to rally is of interest to her and her husband. The preferred brand is undoubtedly Honda, but her Ford Mustang from 1968 is an exception. Her favorite beanie is Love, one of our beanies made of organic cotton.

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